Saturday, September 19, 2009

God Save The Queen

Alexa Chung via

I love union jacks as decor. Especially juxtaposed with stark white gallery-esque walls and the warmth and texture of gnarled wood and worn exposed brick. Lately I'm really into white walls covered with art but having repainted my apartment last summer (living room light purple, kitchen turquoise, bedroom greige) I can't really bring myself to do it all over again. I guess I'll just have to move!
Karen Hilton Designs via Etsy

Johnson Hartig's apartment via habitually chic

Vivienne Westwood rug for the Rug Company via the fashion spot


  1. firstly LOVEEEEE that rugg!, oo and secondly ist Alexa chung just amazinggg?


  2. Thanks for your comment! Alexa Chung's style is fantastic, so distinctive yet she never looks like she's trying to hard, which makes her loveable! :-)


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