Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Coco Doodle Do!

Well, I thought I was a city girl through and through... leave it to Karl Lagerfeld to make the sights, the sounds (maybe not the smells) of farm life seem like the chicest thing on Earth. Chanel's 2010 Spring collection was a refined lady-like take on the flirty, innocently naughty farmer's daughter, complete with 3-way roll in the hay at the finale.
And Garance Doré's parade of Chanel bags on her blog this morning certainly did not help me cope with my insatiable desire to someday make that 2.55 bag mine. She almost convinced me that it could be worth it to eat buttons and lint for a year, rock a burlap wardrobe or trade in my shoe habit and wear Kleenex boxes on my feet... just to have that beautiful, classic bag. Almost...

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  1. karl has indeed a brilliant mind.
    i adore every pieces of the collection.


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