Friday, October 9, 2009

Jacket Lust

I could never, ever have enough jackets. Fitted leather jackets, blazers, trench coats, fur-hooded parkas, wool coats, cropped with short-sleeves, belted with long-sleeves, adorned with zippers or gold buttons... My desire to aquire outerwear seems to be infinite. The opportunity to layer might be the only reason I tolerate Montreal's bitterly cold winters. Much like boots, there's always a new must-have detail, silhouette, embellishment or color that catches your eye and makes you realize that your wardrobe is devastatingly incomplete without it. I'm currently lusting after a strong-shouldered blazer or leather jacket, leopard print, and red and navy military style coats. If only I could have them all. But that's the thing about endless possibilities, you never can...


  1. I think I have a sick obsession with coats and jackets too. I love the red jacket pictured here.

    Dina's Days

  2. All three are gorgeously styled, but the first one is best.


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