Thursday, November 5, 2009

Blogger Lovin': Chain Gang

There are a lot of incredible pieces out there incorporating chains as either body adornment or embellishments on otherwise simple items of clothing. Chains are snaking their way off necks, wrists and waists and making their way onto shoulders, ankles and thighs and I'm loving the sexy badass vibe of it all. Chains paired with lady-like looks can add the perfect touch of punk rock to the sweetest of outfits. And what's more punk rock than DIY? Take some inspiration from these bloggers' less-complicated-than-you-would-think DIY looks:

If you love the look of body jewelry but are less than confident in your DIY abilities, you may want to check out the craziness at Litter SF, Leviticus Jewelry for some great harnesses, and The Chains of Love on Etsy for affordable (Canadian!) gorgeousness. Also, if inspiration is what you need, definitely check out Refinery29's recent feature on some fantastic DIY bloggers, including Kingdom of Style (above) which I discovered yesterday and am ridiculously impressed with.


  1. Those pumps are amazing. I just wore a chain and faux leather belt with a cardi the other day and got so many compliments on it. This trend needs to be worn with caution and moderation though, too much of it and it's bad news.

  2. I think chains are really sexy!! I really admire the creativity of those bloggers! xoxoxo

  3. Chains are sooo chic, well done great post, back soon!!! Sharon xxooo


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