Monday, November 23, 2009

Blogger Lovin': You Make Me Wanna Pout!

I love make-up. I don't consider myself particularly skilled at the art of self-transformation/decoration but I think I do a decent job. However, when it comes to reapplying, well, I don't. As a result I tend to go crazy on the eyes and go chapstick on the lips. I have yet to find that perfect no-fuss berry stain or femme fatale red lipstick that warrants the little extra effort. Here's a little inspiration from some lovely ladies who, like, me usually go for subtler lipcolor but decided to kick it up a notch. Bisous!


  1. I have no idea why but I think that red lips on me, makes my lips look like a baboon's butt. :(

    I want to love it, but maybe I'm just not used to it... on me.

    Style on a String ..because style has nothing to do with money.

  2. Love the red lipstick. great photos!

  3. The red lip is something I would love to try..kind of nervous about being able to pull it off though.


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