Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Christmas Countdown!

It's only a month before Christmas, which I guess is quite a bit of time but I'm feeling super Christmassy this year for some reason. I had wanted to get a head start on my shopping but I don't yet know who'll be hosting Christmas this year, not on my side nor on my boyfriend's. And I'm still waiting on wish lists from my three youngest nephews. It must be an elaborate compilation process! In the meantime, I descended upon Zellers and Canadian Tire last night and picked up a delightfully tacky "champagne" colored (i.e. gold) tree and lots of over-sized gold-toned sparkly ornaments. I'm of the opinion that if you're gonna have a fake tree, really have a FAKE tree! I'll be putting it up tonight. For those of you in the same tinsel-happy frame of mind as I, here's a little holiday decoration inspiration!

images via Apartment Therapy


  1. Hi sweetie, totally adore your post and am in agreement re tacky christmas trees needing to be really all out tacky! We had a black tree last year with red cherry lights!It reminded me of a black forrest gateau!Sharon xx

  2. Love the hanging branch with ornaments!


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