Saturday, November 14, 2009

Gingerbread House of Horrors

Annie Leibovitz shoots a re-imagining of already-warped children's tale Hansel & Gretel for US Vogue. I kind of love that Lily Cole seems to be channeling Grace Coddington (who styled the shoot) but what the hell is up with the fish man? Maybe Gaga knows...

images via fashion gone rogue


  1. So clever, what fun!! Thanks so much for sharing.Sharon xxoo

  2. I love this shoot. And AL's photography.

  3. Thanks for following and commenting on my blog Liz (:

    Gonna try keep it fresh and post a couple things a day, do you know any men fashion followers around here?

    These pictures are ingenious, really clever! I kind of want prints out of this for my wall.

  4. Love her photography around disney and fairy tales. Thanks for sharing, I havnt seen this before.


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