Saturday, November 7, 2009

In the Closet

So I've vowed to devote my day to organizational pursuits, more specifically making sense of the jumbled mess that is my closet. Or was my closet before it's contents started spilling out onto every available surface. My current apartment does have a very reasonable amount of storage space however there's a possibility I'll be moving into a place with significantly less storage in the near future so some heavy editing and brilliant strategizing will be required to make the most of the it. And since I'm procrastinating (as usual) here's a little bedroom storage inspiration I've rounded up. Happy weekend!


  1. Hi there, as a Style Consultant, I see a lot of closets/wardrobes in the UK and this round up is so divine, I adore the purple Wardrobe,Im sure it would convince my clients to get organised!!!Would you like to exchange blog links with me? Sharon xxxoo

  2. wow i wish my closet looked like that!

  3. if only i could get my closet that organized! i'm procrastinating, as well:( love the purple armoire! nice closet round-up.


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