Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Cozy Shack

It snowed. There's a nice, light dusting of powdery snow on the streets. I should take a moment to cherish the 13 seconds of whiteness before the brown slush takes over until March. While I'm not much of a winter person, weather like this (and the threat of tomorrow's snowstorm) just makes me want to curl up by the fire in a huge chunky sweater with a sinfully rich cup of hot chocolate... maybe a little Bailey's too. Here's a little inspiration for those times when cabin fever is a good thing...

Tashkent by Cheyenne- Cudicini Shealing Booties
Annette Bugansky- Knit Porcelain Cups

image via i love wildfox


  1. It's Summer here in Australia and it's stinky hot here!!! reaching over 39 degress...whicih is over 100F!!! I normally hate winter but I think I won't hate it as much now.

  2. I love those fur hats! I think I need one it got so sold where I live

  3. this is my kind of post...
    i love me some flannel.

    your comment about your chanel retirement package was hilarious by the way.


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