Wednesday, December 16, 2009


I love this hair color, kind of a cross between old-lady grey, badass platinum blonde and sweet pink champagne...

Actually, I've been looking for the perfect hair color. I have an appointment for a cut and color Saturday morning. Years ago I had very blonde hair, then I went super dark, now I'm going gradually lighter but while I really like this caramel-y in-between shade what I really want is a dark blonde or light to medium brown with a rosey (pink) undertone. However, I can't find any photos of this elusive, possibly imaginary hue and I don't what my colorist to have to rely solely on my warped description of a hair color I only see in my mind. Suggestions?

via stockholmstreetstyle


  1. Google=hair color strawberry blonde...(image)Good pictures of all shades...

  2. Trust me I've googled every possible word combination in the English language. It's obvious this color exists only in my head. Oh well, I'll still immensely enjoy my salon visit, I always do!


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