Thursday, December 3, 2009

Scent of a Woman

I'm on the hunt for a new fragrance. Envy by Gucci has been my signature scent for over a decade and, while I still love it, I think it's time for something new. But finding something that works just so with my body chemistry like Envy does is tricky business. I get a lot of compliments on Envy and a lot of people telling me that it smells way muskier on them and way fresher on me. The mysteries of chemistry. The same mystery that leads a lot of other yummy-on-paper fragrances to read as Lemon Pledge on my skin. So I've been taking some fragrances that have caught my eye (and nose) for a test drive on my wrists for the past week or so. I want something fresh but a little mysterious and subtley sexy, feminine but not sickeningly sweet, nothing overpoweringly musky or super fruity. The front-runners so far are both Dior: Shine and Addict 2, though I'll be taking YSL's Parisienne for a spin on this evening's visit to the fragrance counter. While you probably shouldn't judge a book by its' cover (or a fragrance by it's bottle) I was charmed by the Kate Moss ad and that lovely little jewel of a bottle. But since I usually associate "La Parisienne" with a brand of bleach, here's hoping it smells better than that on me!

*update: HATED Parisienne on me and now it's all I can smell! There was a brief reprieve at Holt's as I loitered around sniffing at Diptyque candles, which I had to leave behind, I think for obvious reasons.

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