Tuesday, December 1, 2009

If that was now, is this then?

Why draw inspiration from this fall's collections when you can take a peek into the future? The concept of a Pre-Fall collection is rather new to me, basically it's a little appetizer for buyers and editors to fill in the lull between the spring and fall collections in stores, only recently made accessible to the general public. So here's a little amuse-bouche from Burberry Prorsum Pre-Fall 2010. Sorry for that cultural mish-mash of an analogy, I'm not too certain the Brits are big on appetizers...

via style.com


  1. I'm loving the white dress, but is it just me or does the model look like Emma Watson?

    The Heartbreak

  2. It's weird, in some of the shots it really does and others not at all!


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