Saturday, December 19, 2009

"You should try making french toast with english muffins! You can taste the irony!"

Ahhh. Hilarious words of wisdom from my dear friend Dan. Right now I'm getting ready for a girly night with some truly gorgeous ladies! I just have to wrap my gift for the Secret Santa (we had to pick a name and then pick "naughty" or "nice" to see what type of gift to buy) and prep the oven-baked Bailey's french toast I'm bringing as a late night snack, courtesy of the brilliant blog Smitten Kitchen. Click the link for the phenomenal boozy baked french toast recipe. So unbelievably easy and yummy as hell! But if you make this please promise you'll use real maple syrup! And be sure to lie to me if you don't. Have a great Saturday night!

image via smitten kitchen


  1. Hi sweetie, what fun!! Wishing you a very lovely Christmas! Sharon xxxooo

  2. Hahahah!! "You can taste the irony"... :)

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