Tuesday, January 19, 2010

games people play

I spent the evening with a friend trying to put the finishing touches on a board game she's making as a gift. It's sort of "Dream Date" meets "Would You Rather?" and playing this in a less than sober girly old-school sleepover type situation should prove entertaining. You learn a lot about your friends when they reveal just how far they'd be willing to go with the likes of William Shatner. But before "Dream Date" there was "Memory", a game I was actually quite good at as a small child seeing as I hit my intellectual peak at the age of 5. Now for all the streetstyle junkies out there comes the Street Style Memory Game, same concept as the old school version except you're matching up the heads with the bottoms of a variety of stylish hipsters. Too cute, and a fairly easy DIY, if you're so inclined. I could see a Designer Memory Game working (Karl! Jean Paul! Donatella!) or a Hollywood Has-Been Memory Game or the Nip/Tuck Celebrity Memory Game where you match up the pre-op faces with post-op faces. Hhhmmm... maybe I didn't peak at the age of 5 after all. Excuse me, I have some birthday presents to whip up...

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  1. IOAHGASIOHSOIFDHS- thats just a terrific idea! you could like sell them :D


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