Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Last Days of Disco

I wish there were more photos of Bianca Jagger in the Seventies... enough to fill a big gorgeous book to put on my coffee table. She was the epitome of jet-set party girl glamour, equal parts exotic eccentric and sultry goddess. I mean, she rode a white horse into Studio54 at her 32nd birthday party. (Mine is creeping up on me, I'll try not to feel too pressured to top that.) Her style was absolutely incredible, mixing feathered turbans and dramatic cloaks with the most stunning Halston creations. And true to her name, no one has ever rocked white like Bianca Jagger.

most images via tfs


  1. I love these pics too! But, can someone be with Mick Jagger?!

  2. Ninja please, like you haven't hit that.


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