Sunday, January 3, 2010

make like a tree

Is there really any point to making New Years resolutions? If  we didn't make these life altering changes in the 365 days prior to the ball drop what makes us think they'll happen now? Okay, that's my pragmatic side talking, she had to throw her two cents in. The other side, the hopeless romantic, the optimist, the dreamer, the girl who is dazzled by pretty things and likes to share them on her blog, believes in the symbolism of a fresh start, of turning over a new leaf, and taking this time to ponder the things that dissatisfy us and figure out what we can do to change our situation. Of course, even my idealistic side realizes that a change in calendar year doesn't have the power to reboot your life, but a little reflection and perspective can be a good thing. Though I have little to complain about I can think of some minor tweaks that could result in major improvements. So whether you're simply thinking of turning over a new leaf, raking all the dead leaves in the yard or planning a complete landscaping overhaul of the botanical gardens (sorry, I lost control of my metaphor), good luck, and happy 2010!

image via fashion gone rogue

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