Saturday, January 2, 2010

New York City Girl

First of all, Happy New Year to you all! Hope the holidays were sweet to you! 2010 is looking very promising, I feel the potential spectacularity of it all in my bones! So sorry I fell off the face of the Earth for awhile there, the boyfriend and I took an impromtu trek down to New York on the 28th and only drove back up on the 31st, during which I was internet-less, which was a nice little break.Little did we know when we left that we'd chosen the most bitterly cold and windy time to stroll around Manhattan. I misjudged my American neighbors as meteorological drama queens and assumed that my Montrealer status left me impervious to what they considered "cold", so the giant parka stayed behind. Big mistake. The photo above isn't mine as there was no way I was gonna stop moving long enough to whip out the camera and snap a photo. And there was certainly no way my gloves were coming off. But my love for that city hasn't waned. We spent the first day shopping around. I finally got to go to Topshop and it was a total zoo, presumably because the entire second floor was on sale. I missed out on that Christopher Kane dress I wanted because only the small sizes were left but I got a cute black and blue striped cardigan with gold buttons. The next day was more agreeable and we met up with some old friends (one ex-pat + one local= two wonderful people I was ecstatic to see), grabbed some bagels, checked out the Museum of Natural History since none of us had ever been, and then had a gargantuan supper at Carmine's. The drive back on New Years Eve was rough: gridlock traffic and accidents galore all morning and with the couple of extra shopping stops we made (had to see what was left of the Rodarte for Target collection. Answer: nothing I wished to take home with me) we only got home around 10pm, so we skipped the New Years party (sorry friends!) and settled down at home with some Grey Goose and Season 1 of the X-Files. And I couldn't have been happier!

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