Friday, February 5, 2010

Neutral Territory

....Aaaaand after fantasizing about Miu Miu and Stella I think it may be time to get in touch with reality and explore some clothing options that could conceivably end up in my closet this Spring, courtesy of Zara. I heart Zara, I think it may be my favorite store to shop in and I have a difficult time leaving empty handed. "What? Of course I need another blazer! Who doesn't need another blazer?!"

I seriously have been trying to curb the spending, and I've been doing a decent job... until my 100$+ splurge at the Laura Mercier counter after work yesterday. Oops.

via Fashion Gone Rogue


  1. Neutrals are my favorite colors... I am always drawn to these colors first.. beautiful photos!

  2. i am loving this collection so so so much!


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