Thursday, March 4, 2010

the lady who lived in her shoes

I'm a few months away from moving into the new apartment with my love, which I'm very excited about, the only thing causing me some concern is the considerable downgrade in closet space. There are only three small closets and (thankfully) a storage area in the new place whereas I have an exorbitant amount of storage in my current place. Of course, from a glass half-full perspective, downsizing the closet may lead to a very necessary and therapeutic sartorial purge that will result in my wardrobe consisting of quality rather than quantity. But the reality is my boyfriend and I will have to share a closet roughly a third of the size of the one I have now. And this begs the question: where will my shoes live? Right now I'm keeping them all in their boxes stacked on the top shelf of the closet but that doesn't seem to be quite feasible. Maybe I should place the best pairs on wall-mounted shelves outside the closet? But who wants to have to continually be dusting their shoes? Any thoughts? How do you store your shoes?

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  1. Right now, I am using this:

    Not that exact one, but I found an identical one at Target. What I like about it is you can hang it up in any closet. I use one in my bedroom closet and another in my coat closet. They don't take up that much space.

    I hope that helps or at least gives you a little idea of something you could do. :)

    Also, I just wanted to thank you for your sweet, heartfelt comment to me yesterday. I have been so depressed lately and its friends like you who are helping me get through it! xoxo

  2. my friend shares w her boyf and has the same problem- she went and bought flexi glas book case with doors and stores them there. it looks ridiculously chic w her decor- but again it depends on ur decor and style

  3. i keep all shoes on the floor of my closet. ideally they would be in clear boxes that would line the botton third of the closet, if i had the space :(


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