Monday, April 5, 2010

Blogger Lovin': Lighten Up!

The weather this weekend was phenomenal! Sunny, warm and sandal-friendly. And now I have a cold. Okay, actually I still layered up out of sheer paranoia that stems from a good three decades of Montreal springtime fake-outs and caught the cold from my boyfriend, not from premature summer wear, although judging from all the tiny shorts, airy dresses and flip flops I saw on the streets this weekend I doubt I'm the only one sniffling now. But after a winter spent covered in cozy layers, bundled up in scarves and dark colours I almost feel like have to re-program my sartorial senses. Everything I own just seems so dreadfully...wintery. Time to let the light into the dark recesses of my closet!

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  1. love this collaboration!!! Come on warm weather!!!! in Canada.... hahahah


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