Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Blogger Lovin': Short Order

So in the interest of effective time management, I often prepare my posts in advance during the work week. I put this together last night when I was in deep denial about the reports of snow for today. And what's happening right now? It's snowing. I have a wool coat on and a pair of boots. My hair's all wonky and I'm cranky. So let's embrace the utter absurdity of my post on shorts, shall we?

Shorts in everything from leather to sequins are everywhere in stores right now and while it's still a little chilly here to rock them bare-legged there's no denying that they'll be huge (or tiny) for summer. I'm particularly loving a lot of the tailored high waisted styles available but with this cut the wrong fit can be horrendously unflattering from every possible angle. Done right, however, you've got a chic yet laid back alternative to skirts or trousers. And no need to fear the spontaneous gust of wind. Here's a little inspiration...


  1. Great photos! I follow a few of those blogs. I'll have to check out some of the other ones!

  2. I'm a deciple of the short, so I love this post. That blows that it's snowing out there! But I bet in no time it will be roasting hot and you can wear some cute shorts :)

  3. Looove the shorts in the 1st photo, and her top for that matter. Apparently they're both Zara!

    xx FujiFiles

  4. too many awesome styles in one post !
    i'm inspired ♥


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