Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Blogger Lovin': Who's Wearing the Pants

I pretty much live in jeans, and when the weather really heats up, dresses take over. But between the Siberian-level AC in the office and whisperings of a denim-free dress-code about to be implemented in my workplace I think it's time to revisit the trouser. There are so many inspirational cuts and textiles popping up in stores this spring and the cropped pairs are just begging to be paired with some killer heels in dire need of being shown off.  Check out some of these amazing examples...


  1. i lovvvee the third pic, those trousers are beautiful paired with the socks and heels!

    i am also on the hunt for a killer pair of cropped trousers :)

  2. Le troisième look est perfectiiiooonnn!


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