Monday, June 28, 2010

And the Worst Blogger Ever Award goes to...

... yours truly, for being M.I.A. for a whopping 12 days (that felt like 212 days, truth be told). So so sorry for neglecting not only my own blog but all of yours, my routine felt quite cockeyed without my daily dosage. The last two weeks have been all about sorting, tossing, packing, unpacking, adjusting, and, when not up to my eyeballs in boxes and covered in dust, enjoying the occasional barbeque. I'm officially moved into the new place, I returned the keys to my beloved old apartment today on my lunch break. I thought I'd get all weepy-like but I feel good about the change, my new home feels so right. I'll share some pics with you all once my tons of junk is properly absorbed and the finishing touches are all done! Please bear with me as I try to work around our (hopefully temporarily) wonky internet connection and get back into the blogging groove. You'll have my undivided attention soon!

image via fashion gone rogue

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