Sunday, June 6, 2010


Just thought I'd pull my head out of the sand, take a look around and see what's up. Sorry for being such a half-assed blogger lately. I'm feeling really overwhelmed about packing up a decade worth of accumulated... everything for my big move in (argh!) less than a month. I don't really know where to begin and being a master procrastinator I'm really going to have to kick myself in the ass if I want to do the epic purge (70s blender, anyone?) pre-move rather than lugging it all with me and hoping to get rid of it in the new place. I've been meaning to become one of those people who values quality above quantity, particularly when it comes to the contents of my closet. This may be my chance to get rid of a lot of dead weight. Wish me luck!!

image via jak & jil

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  1. Best of luck! Moving is so much work. Personally, I love the process. But I can't deny the stress that goes along with it!


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