Thursday, July 29, 2010

Blogger Lovin': Welcome To Sunnydale

To me, red leather pants say but one thing: Buffy Summers. I am a huge, unapologetic BtVS nerd, I've seen every episode multiple times, own all seven seasons on DVD and even wrote an (A+, might I add) academic paper on the subject in my university days. So despite the fact that you will never, ever see me in a pair of leather pants (though I did own a pair of black pleather bootcut Sinéquanone pants back in the day, we won't talk about that), these photos made me smile. Kick some ass, girls!


  1. ahh buffy. i was such a buffy addict too. i saw every episode as it aired. never missed one!

    these pants are totally her, it's so funny to watch them back and see how much fashion has changed in just 10 years or so.
    do you watch pretty little liars? if so don't you find it odd that mya was kendra on buffy over 10 years ago? how can she still play a high schooler? it makes it so awward to watch her, i'm always expect spike to show up and slay her. that would be kind of awesome though.

  2. Dude, Buffy was MY LIFE in seventh grade. Every commercial break i would call my friend Shannon and we'd deeply analyze. She my first style icon and i wanted to be her.


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