Monday, July 5, 2010

Who, me?

Parker dress, Halston Heritage belt, Rudsak bag, Guess heels

It's my 4th annual 29th Birthday today! I took the week off work as a little gift to myself, usually I save my vacation weeks for travel but with all the purchases we've made for the new apartment I'm not so sure that will be happening again any time soon. If you read this blog you know that an outfit post from me is a rare occurance to say the least, not because I think it's particularly narcissistic (I love blogger outfit posts!), it's just that I get all self conscious and pose like a moron and the photos turn out inevitably craptastic so even if I thought I looked great in the real world, the blogosphere result is a little meh. But since I had posted about my new dress (free shipping my ass, I should have realized I'd get nailed with a COD), I thought, what the hell? My girls and I tried out the new Kitchen Galerie Poisson for dinner on Saturday (incredible!) and then hit up Santos for some drinks where I stumbled into an old epic crush I hadn't seen in years and realized my man is absolutely unbeatable. But I already knew that. Aaawww...

So today Ill spend the day shopping with my Mom! Have a beautiful day, everybody! xox


  1. You look fabulous! Happy Birthday!! :) xo-karrie

  2. oh that's a wonderful dress on you!

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