Monday, August 9, 2010

The Girls' Guide to Hunting and Fishing... and Fabulous Dining

Happy Monday! Okay, I suppose that's somewhat of an oxymoron but I'm still riding a food-high from Saturday night. I finally checked out Le Club Chasse et Pêche in Old Montreal, rumored to be one of the very best restaurants in my wonderful city full of incredible dining options. One of my friends is observing Ramadan this week so it was a great excuse to indulge ourselves.

Terrified we'd be turned away after being stuck in a traffic purgatory that made us half an hour late for our 9:30 reservation (there is construction everywhere), our fears were assuaged when we reached the restaurant. The dark, cozy, understated glamour of the decor paired with the incredibly sweet and attentive staff (a wonderful wine recommendation and helpful parking tips!) created an ambiance that was utterly unintimidating and refreshingly unpretentious. And don't get me started on the food. The portions may be small, but we savored every bite. We shared three starters: the chanterelle tartelette, the seared scallops with fennel purée end the veal sweetbread. I can't get the perfect texture of those scallops out of my mind. Next up two of us enjoyed the seared tuna with foie gras and our lovely friend tried the bison. The noises that came out of us were obscene, luckily no children were present. And finally, dessert. Good God. The description of the "Celestial", dark chocolate mousse with marsala ice cream and cherries does not do justice to the little piece of heaven I was served. The strawberry fraisier with maple cream and the rhubarb tart were also gorgeous. But I'm a chocolate kinda gal... ;-)

Afterwards we hit up the W for some drinks but I peaked at dinner. If you're in Montreal, this place is a must-try. Do it for me!!!

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  1. mmmm that sounds like a delicious (and wonderful) saturday evening! like you I'm heading back to mundane reality for monday.


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