Sunday, October 17, 2010

Martinis x Cheesecake = Bliss

So last night I had the immense pleasure of attending a martini & cheesecake birthday party (the more festive counterpart to the ubiquitous wine and cheese gathering). The guest of honor was none other than the incredibly sweet and lovely Solmaz, bargain hunter extraordinaire as evidenced by her blog Sweet Deals!
Sol had quite the spread going on... boozage and mixers as far as the eye could see and these phenomenal little cheesecake cupcakes from Broadway Cheesecake Co. that changed my life.
Sonia the Mixmaster
*sigh* I love that watch...
The stunning guest of honor!
Fresh off her juice-fast (check out her hilarious blog Me and My Snuggy),
I've never seen someone so happy to see a cheesecake...
Me and my lychee...

Thanks Sol for an awesome night, Happy Birthday, love!! xx


  1. humm yummie! I'll try those when I am back for Xmas!

  2. Omg. A martini and cheesecake birthday party?! I can't think of anything more fabulous and delicious!! :P

    Cute photos. Now I'm dying for a cosmo...and its not even noon here yet! Lol.

  3. I was so happy to celebrate with you! Thanks for helping make it a great bday celebration!


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