Friday, November 5, 2010

The One with the Money Diet

Sorry I've been so lazy with the posting lately, I've been dealing with some issues (such as my finances, my job and my education) that I'll elaborate on soon. Short version is that as of yesterday, I am on a money diet. No new clothes, shoes, accessories, make-up, magazines, bought lunches (this is my major crime) or anything I deem superfluous at least for the next month, preferably through the holidays (obviously, Christmas gifts for those I love are not superfluous). I had a little bit of a financial wake-up call this week when an unexpected expense made me completely panic, it was an awful feeling and I was furious at myself for all my thoughtless spending.

And so, I vowed to start bringing my lunches to work (I've vowed this many times and relapsed every time). The hard part is bothering to prepare them, the easy part is eating them as they're generally way better than anything I could have bought on the go. Case in point: today's lunch is last night's leftovers, and one of my all-time favorite dishes in my cooking repertoire: Spinach and Chickpeas via Smitten Kitchen. This recipe is too good not to share, I was making borderline obscene yummy noises at my desk.

Make this. Seriously.

I only make minor alternations to this one, but I do find that it's a very flexible recipe if, like me, you're not big on following recipes. Instead of cooking the spinach beforehand, I simply add organic baby spinach to the pot (or at our house a gargantuan 13" All Clad skillet I use for everything ever) at the end and stir until wilted and nicely seasoned. Also, I substitute the red wine vinegar for balsamic, up the garlic and add a hell of a lot more red pepper flakes and smoked paprika (a revelation) than the recipe calls for. Welcome to flavour country!

Happy weekend everybody! I've been corralled into an evening of murder tomorrow night, more on that if I survive!xx

images via studded hearts and smitten kitchen


  1. i need to stop reading blogs when i'm hungry, looks tasty

  2. its such a hassle to make lunches... especially when all you want to do after the Baby goes to bed is read blogs :) I try to make the effort every night. Partially because hubby depends on them (that's out little pact) and partially because, as you've said they are WAY healthier than anything you could get on the go. So don't do it for the wallet, do it for your health :) Also great tip, make something that will last for two day's lunches... so simple, but you will be elated on the morning/evening when a ready lunch is already waiting for you. And get nice tupperwear. That always gives me a smile.

    Maybe after the holidays you can reward yourself with a bit of a spending spree and post a "must have/really want" list :)


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