Sunday, November 28, 2010

Steal. This. Look.

I love everything about this! {via stockholm street style}

Went to a great restaurant, Ô Chalet, last night for my rock star of a best friend's birthday... unfortunately I noticed my camera battery had died about three minutes before we went out the door. Result: no outfit post, no sharing the culinary revelation that is polenta fries and no way to show you how perfectly glam-rock-goddess-like Mel looked. Boooo!

Happy lazy Sunday, loves! This morning's all about enjoying an awesome boyfriend-made breakfast, hanging out by my gorgeously tacky little gold Christmas tree and watching Sopranos reruns on A&E!


  1. I want this exact outfit. I totally love it! Sounds like you had a wonderful day (: Happy Sunday!

  2. Sounds like you had a lovely weekend! Lucky girl. :) I desperately want this outfit. Omg.

  3. OMG that same thing happened to us two weeks ago on my husbands bday but luckily we got a couple of picks in before the camera died! I have been on the hunt for a rust colored skirt pretty much the entire Fall season! I love the outfit in this pic!! HAve a fab week!


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  4. I love her outfit too!! Gorgeous!! Sounds like you had a great day! xoxoxoo


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