Friday, February 18, 2011

Between a Blog and a Card Place

As a not-quite-newbie but not-wildly-successful blogger, I've been pondering the importance of having business cards. Something to hand to people rather than scrawling your url on a post-it or napkin, as well as eliminating another excuse for neglecting to properly promote my little pet project. I've also been considering employing this criminally underused Nikon of mine to snap some photos of the amazing style I see on these Montreal streets, particularly as the weather improves. I can't tell you how many times I've seen some impeccable creature stroll by and kicked myself for not having my camera. But even if I did, I'd need to approach them, and I think having some sort of calling card would certainly de-creepify and legitimize me to a certain extent.
Pretty Shiny Sparkly
Grit and Glamour
I recently noticed a few bloggers, like the lovely ladies above, using Moo MiniCards, with a variety of outfit posts on one side and their contact info on the other. These cards are adorable, and probably crazy useful at conferences and meetups when there so many faces and so many names I'm sure it's like playing one big bloggy game of Memory. I wouldn't know though, as I have yet to do the meet-up or conference thing myself (except for PodCamp in 2009, when my blog was just a baby and I spoke to no one). Fingers crossed for the next IFB Conference!

But what if, like me, you're not such a prolific outfit poster? Or if, like me, you feel a little odd handing out cards with photos of yourself on them to virtual strangers? What image goes on your card? Your header? What if, like me, your header is a stolen (yet credited!) image you don't own?  

Do you have business cards for your blog? Are you thinking of getting some printed up? Any words of wisdom?


  1. Awww now I wish I did more outfit posts. What a cute idea!!

    I'm with you, I don't have outfit posts or an image that I represent with my blog. I don't even have a header photo. Maybe just a cute little design. Keep it simple but cute? I bet a print shop would have some ideas or already made designs...

    I actually have been thinking about making blog cards this year and that was the direction I was leaning towards...

    Good luck! I can't wait to see what you decide!

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  3. I'm also thinking about getting some moo cards printed for awhile for my blog and because I'm attending fashion school. I too feel a little odd passing out pictures of myself.

    I recently came across your blog and I adore it very much!

  4. hmmm i am like you, a picture of me on a business thanks@ I'll stick to my own corporate business cards for introducing myself very boring but profesionnal and work related and keep my blog as a hobby!
    SO sorry I have no tips!

  5. Wow that's quite surprising, I had no idea people were handing out cards with photos of themselves.. I personally do not have a business card for my blog, although at times I've thought I should.

  6. these are amazing, and i think i might indulge in a card like that too, mine has no images on it at the moment...

  7. I have only had my blog for two months, so I guess advice really wouldn't be advice. Your blog is lovely though!

  8. I think business card is a major thing to you and your business, and then you had reached to a right place.

  9. have you made up your mind?

    We had 100 printed with our header image (yawn) from and it was cheap and easy and great for the conference... where I was too shy to hand them out. I do think it's a good thing to keep it mellow. But this coming from the perspective of a two-for-one blog where I couldn't alienate Rob from handing out cards to a sommelier at a restaurant b/c it has a picture of gigantic platforms on the back :)

    but yes. get some! maybe 3 different varieties in small quantities, and keep a few of each in your purse and whichever feels right to hand over, hand over!

  10. My business cards are very pretty and silky to the touch. I love these things. The company is called Print Peppermint. Go check them out, and their prices are nice too. They're giving 10% off discount on their services.


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