Sunday, February 27, 2011

Street Style Round-Up: In Living Colour

Bright pops of colour on anything and everything... flouncy little skirts...ah-mazing sunnies.
The end of the endless winter is in sight!

Now, can anybody tell me who that kick-ass blonde is in the second and third photos?
I found her! She's Elisa Nalin, a Verona-born, Paris-based stylist. Her home was also featured on The Selby awhile back for those so inclined...


  1. Wow the blue jacket is so lovely!

  2. Love the coat with the fur collar!!!!
    PeeKay :)

  3. Giovanna is fabulous. I can't wait to photograph her one day
    lee x

  4. Livia, why is that every time I'm on your site I come away coveting sometime? I need that red skirt and beige blazer. *sigh*

  5. okay that first outfit? the flouncy skirt and fitted jacket? oh that is a must.have. wow.


  6. That blonde is amazing. If you find out her name, let me know.

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  8. I don't know WHO that blonde is but she makes me want to just go lighter and lighter! Ahh! Hey, I just wanted to thank you So much for your comment yesterday. It made my heart wiggle when I read it. You are incredibly beautiful both inside and out (I searched here to find you!) and your taste and thoughts are impeccable. Make business cards. Pass them out. I think its great what you are doing here. And thank you so much for reading my blog. And for leaving me your thoughts.

  9. Wow this post is so inspiring. I have a pair of grass green heels I never wear b/c I never know what to wear it with and this post just answered my question! What fab looks! xoxo

  10. @ Christina: Aaaww! That made my day, you have no idea!

  11. there's nothing like spring to bring out pops of colors, so pretty! great inspiration post!

  12. I LOVE this trend! It makes it easy to wear color, and the companion mix with a super neutral feels so fresh, so right! Your examples are great- not only as prime examples for this trend but also they are not the same ol same ol re-posted everywhere. Just lovely! -Bella Q
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