Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Cold Shoulder

Shoulder cut-outs always remind me of that incredibly awkward time in my life I like to call the 90s. Particularly the early 90s, rife with dorky sartorial missteps as I wandered through life in all my permed and metal-mouthed glory.

These particular outfits however have me seriously reconsidering that aversion. A woman's shoulders are among the sexiest parts of her body, and we never need to Spanx that shit!

via stockholm street style and vanessa jackman


  1. not a fan of the shoulder cut out and will probably never be able to rock it! :)

    Glass of Fashion

  2. Though these ladies look phenomenal rocking the shoulder cut, I've seen some terrible renditions. Personally, I'm scared I'd look like a quarterback..

  3. Oh yeah, the nineties... I did lots of crazy stuff then too!

    I love the first shoulder shot. So chic.

    I am looking for connecting with Quebec fashionistas since I will soon be moving there. How is the local fashion scene?

    Hugs from Paris!

  4. Ah, I remember that look back in the 90's. As fashionably awkward as I was back then, I didn't like the look either. But I do agree that these versions are palatable and quite chic. xox



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