Monday, September 19, 2011

How Can It Be Wrong When It Feels So White?

Part of the reason for my prolonged absence has been a move into yet another apartment. An apartment awash in various hideous shades of canteloupe and blue. Yum. In order to wipe that horror from my mind I chose to paint the entire apartment white. I figured all those gorgeous white rooms filling my inspiration folders couldn't be wrong. But it's so... white! It's a small space but it's bathed in light for most of the day. I think it can handle the boldness of a black wall or two. I'm thinking of painting the wall in the living room behind the TV and hanging my gold sunburst mirror there. If it works it will look rich and velvety and hopefully like the wall is receeding. If it doesn't the room will look half its' already miniscule size. What do you think? An invitation to claustrophobia or a much needed touch of sexy badassery?

*Please note that this room is a total work in progress: those coffee tables are temporary until I can afford a lucite or glass replacement. Rug pending. I also desperately need some kind of additional seating. Suggestions?

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  1. Oh Liv I love it!! So happy to see where my art's new home is, thank you!!

    And I am with you on the white walls, for so many years I was painting away in many shades, but think the basic white is what I am feeling anymore. Let the decor do the talking . Which I think looks fab so far.. xoxo


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