Thursday, September 22, 2011

Tuft Love

I. Die.
I just finished watching this weeks' episode of The Rachel Zoe Project and would have much prefered to spend less time with Kim Kardashian and her texting addiction and more time shopping in that super fun furniture store with Jeremiah. I just about dropped the jar of Nutella (don't judge me) when I saw that blue velvet tufted sofa. If wanting a living room that looks like an "80s porn set" is wrong, then I don't wanna be right. Behold: some tuft-y goodness from Room Service:
The heart-stopping sofa in question.
The same sofa in a safer beige linen offset by some super sexy styling.
Glam. Rock n Roll. Perfection. Gimme.
No thank you. I have enough trouble getting out of bed as it is.
Alright. You, I'll get out of bed for. You can be my new favorite Netflix & Nutella spot.
My 8 year old self would be very disappointed if these chairs didn't get to join the party too.

Okay, okay, I pretty much like anything tufted. Add some nailhead trim to it and I'm a goner.

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