Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Blogger Lovin': Flirting with Fall

Shockingly, the fall weather we've been experiencing here in Montreal is still bare-leg appropriate. While it's cooling down as we speak never underestimate the power of sheer denial to keep you warm. With unseasonable warmth, however, comes the feeling of being torn between all the chunky, woolly knits and leather pieces you've just bought/dug out of the bac of the closet that are dying to come out and play and the desire to hold on to summer for as long as possible. I say, why choose? Here's a little inspiration:
The Northern Light
Sincerely, Jules
Zarna's Runway


  1. it's SO true - I wrote a leather jacket with rolled up army green capris today. What a mixup we're having. I kind of like it though! Hope your week is going well! x

  2. haha "sheer denial" so true !
    great post

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  4. I love the pictures, the dresses, the shoes and the fashion .:) Nice post.


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