Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Halloween Decoration Inspiration

I've been wanting to decorate my apartment for Halloween, which is my absolute favorite holiday, mostly for myself, seeing as I've been reluctant to have people over because I don't feel my apartment is quite finished enough. I seriously need to get over that. I just wanted to have a few glam-macabre touches here and there. I found a bag of magenta glitter skulls at winners yesterday but I was hungry and the line-up at the cash was gargantuan so I left them behind. Hopefully they're still waiting for me. The ravens have unfortunately all left the Dollar Store but there are some glitter spiders there I may fill a tall vase with. In the meantime, here's a little home decorating inspiration for my kindred Halloween spirits...
I'm in love with these glittered pumpkins via Made By Girl. Click here for an easy DIY.
Demonstrating that his time spent at Martha Stewart Inc paid off, Eddie Ross whips up
this to-die-for centerpiece. Love!
These gorgeous black candlesticks are lust-worthy all year round. They may just end up
on my Christmas list. via Remodelista.
Oddly, I've never considered myself as a skull person, but I think the glitter skull is my
favorite Halloween decoration. It could find a permanent spot on the bookshelf.
And way cheaper than a Damien Hirst. via Cupcakes and Cashmere
If I can track down one of those Dollar store ravens it's going to be living on my work
desk, all nonchalantly spooky-like. via Cupcakes and Cashmere
How adorable are these masked vintage portraits via Design Sponge?


  1. I see that our tastes are completely aligned.

    Those sparkly pumpkins made me do the tiniest squeal of joy.

  2. i actually like those sparkly pumpkins. something different at least.

  3. LOVING the sparkly pumpkins - I'm seeing them everywhere lately! x & YES - use a travel mug & stop buying bottled water :):)

  4. this is making me want to host an OTT halloween party with glittered skulls and pumpkins !


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