Saturday, October 1, 2011

Scenes from a Carbicide

Had a little impromptu date night with my favorite rock chick Mel last night. With a couple of bottles of rosé in hand we hit up Mozza in the Gay Village.

 Zara blazer,scarf,top, Gap pants, Marc by Marc jacobs earrings, F21 cuff, Rebecca Minkoff bag

Foxy Mel and her foxy foxtail

When your bestie describes the cuisine as "porn food" you're walking in with high expectations. Bonus awesomeness points right off the bat for being a BYOW, having a disco party bathroom and the adorable waiter asking if we'd like our dishes with extra love. Aaaawwww.... Everything on the menu is offered as a table d'hôte so you better believe you're rolling out of there at the end of the night. It was actually my second time at Mozza, the first time around a certain dish caught my eye but I ended up going in another direction. This time, however, I was tackling the linguine with oka and dark chocolate. Also joining the chocolatey cheese party were jumbo shrimps, cherry tomatoes, walnuts and brandy.
The result: evil genius.

Edible evil genius.

Mel and her linguine with green apple and brie share a moment...

Four courses, two bottles of wine and nearly four hours of increasingly incoherent babbling later we eventually stumbled out of there, too full to breathe and too happy to care...

I finally managed to snap some decent pics of a lovely installation I've been walking by forever. Essentially the last line of the Village Manifesto, it loosely translates as "There will be a place for each of the liberties you want to allow yourself."

Restaurant Mozza Pâtes & Passions
1326, rue Ste-Catherine est


  1. hmm that looks like a lovely scarf!

  2. Hi Liv,Granny was thrilled you enjoyed her input in my latest post.This looks such fun, what would we do without our girlfriends! Loving your pic, sigh wish I was more photogenic. Have a lovely weekend! Sharon xx

  3. Liv! SO glad you found me, I love meeting fellow Canadian bloggers! It is surprisingly rare to come across! Thanks for your comments/follows - returning the favor for sure :) Hope you had a great weekend. Cool installation by the way, I love it! Montreal is my fave!

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  7. love the pictures and great blog, follow you <3

  8. the food looks yummy and i love thre green eyeshadow!

    <3 steffy

  9. Well, looks like you had an amazing time:) Completely in love with your bag, the color is brilliant! Love your blog and now following! Maybe you'll have time to visit my blog:)


  10. Love the pink handbag!


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