Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Guest Post: Party Girl Fashion

Hello, lovelies! This is Jennifer Fabulous, Liv's blogger soulmate. I am so honored she asked me to guest post on her awesome blog. I'm hoping a little bit of her coolness will rub off on me now. Hehe.

Liv recently got me hooked on Party Girl, a fashion explosion I somehow missed out on during my youth in the 1990s.

The 1995 film revolves around Mary (played by the delectable Parker Posey), a 24-year-old Prada-adorned bohemian who has no idea what she wants to do with her life. While she tries to figure it out, she spends her time changing in and out of designer clothes, eating delicious Middle Eastern food, and hanging out with her fabulous gay friends.

In other words, this film is about me.

I'm going to be honest, I could have cared less about the plot, no matter how hard it hit home.

It was the fashion which made me drool.

The gaudy, spectacular, glamboyant fashion.

Let's take a looksie, shall we?

(I apologize in advance for the poor quality of the screenshots. We're dealing with pre-digital shit here).


I knew the film was going to be fucking brilliant when Parker Posey made her entrance in GLITTER SHORTS.

(Insert hyperventilating here).

In this next scene, color-blocking on acid takes place.

I would dance on tables too, if I rocked this outfit.

The next ensemble is my all-time favorite:

Fake leo. Check. Red lips. Check. Fuck-you walk. Check.

And finally, class at it's finest.

Because nothing says lady-like career-woman more than a form-fitting leather skirt and a gorgeous satin ruffled blouse.

And these are just a FEW of the looks from the movie. Imagine.

Below I've created some outfits inspired by the film.

Party Girl 1

Party Girl 2

What do you think? Do you want to rock Party Girl style?


  1. I should have you know, as a librarian, that all librarians are required to have glitter shorts because of this film. (We are also sometimes required to watch Party Girl in grad school, and also The Librarian with Noah Wylie. But mostly the glitter shorts.)

  2. woooahhhhh... Parker Posey, fashion icon. Great post!!!


  3. Awesome guest post, darling J!
    Love Parker Posey and the looks you put together ~ totally inspired!


  4. Bonjour Jenny. Thanks for stopping by chez moi today. ;-) Wow. I can only imagine how ridiculous I would look in my little [suburban] corner of the world in any of these outfits. I wonder if they would call the police or child services even ?! -- Anyway- fun post, and Parker Posey sure looks fetching in her outfit! ;-) Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

  5. Great post!!! Love this actress.Kisses from www.stylepicture.blogspot.com

  6. Thank you Jen for a kick-ass guest post! So decadent, so silly, so MARY! I heart you so very muchly!

  7. I loved this movie when it came out; I've always been a PP fan. Your focus on its fashion makes me want to see it again.

  8. I have GOT to see this movie! Wow, I love all of her outfits...especially the one with the bow blouse and the high waisted skirt. It's right up my alley.

    You always do a wonderful job of putting together outfits. I'm impressed, Jennifer. You write well AND you dress well. A win-win :)

    Great post!



  9. oh my god I thought I was the only person who loved this movie. Of COURSE you would like it too though, because you're awesome! Thanks for recreating it for us!

  10. I love all of these, fabulous!xx

  11. I've never seen Party Girl but the fashion rocks! Especially loving the last outfit, the blouse is gorgeous.



  12. Thanks for letting me guest post, Liv! This was SO much fun. :)

  13. Nice to see you here, Jennifer;-)
    And this is such a delightful party girl fashion post, too;-)

  14. Awesome outfits, I love that red jacket! :)


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