Tuesday, January 3, 2012

All dressed up with no place to go... and loving it!

Still in too much of a food coma/hangover state to compile your own list of non-judgemental, non-self-deprecating New Year's resolutions? Then just steal these via Apartment Therapy
First off (if you're still here after my prolonged absence), Happy New Year!! May this year be better than the last and worse than the next (and hopefully apocalypse-free)! I hope you all had wonderful holidays surrounded by loved ones and guilt-free gluttony! My holidays were low-key and exactly what I needed. I spent time with beloved family and friends, gorged myself on wonderful food and played way, way too many wii and Kinect dance games... a sobering reminder of just how out of shape I am. Oh well, that's what resolutions are for, isn't it?
A blonder 2012. It remains to be seen how much of 2012 will be spent with the tree still up.
I really like my tree.

New Years Eve the boyfriend and I ended up staying in. But that's no excuse not to get all dolled up anyway, is it? Unfortunately for my poor little blog we were too busy having an awesome time throwing back the pink bubbly stuff and whipping up this sumptuous mushroom bourguinon to do the outfit photo thing. Taking more time to do that definitely warrants a spot on the ever-growing resolution list. So the only photo I have is of the cheesy self-portrait variety but it allows me to show you my new slightly blonder do. And I had to Polyvore my outfit due to lack of photographic evidence (only the shoes are different, but a reasonable facsimilie scored at last years' post-Christmas sale at Browns). And I've been trying to avoid this years post-Christmas sales like the plague. Money is tight and temptation is everywhere! I did cave when I found the black J Brand velvet skinnies above for 99$. I'm only human! So let's tack "spend less" onto the now scroll-like resolution list, shall we?
How were your New Years' celebrations? Are you the resolution-making type?


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