Friday, January 6, 2012

Blogger Lovin': Winter Layers

I simply cannot have too many coats. Hey, I am Canadian, at least it's a practical addiction. Besides, what's the point of throwing together an incredible outfit and hiding it all under a craptastic topper? On the flipside throwing on the right coat can make me feel put together despite the shlubwear I may be sporting underneath. But since I'm keeping my shopaholic butt out of the shops and avoiding online sales like the plague in hopes of escaping somewhere warm sometime soon I'll just have to keep my sartorial kicks vicarious. Here's some inspiration for you all in the chic bundleage department...

Miss Pouty

The Northern Light

Miso Ruice via

Wendy's Lookbook

The Cherry Blossom Girl

Pei Chieh Wu via

Five Inch and Up


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