Monday, November 18, 2013

Where Have I Been?

Here are a few highlights of the past year+: return to Maui with my love in December, with the girls and my love celebrating our friends tying the knot, return to Turks & Caicos with my girls in June, celebrating my 35th Birthday with family and friends(including a new little friend! Not mine!), and Montreal's Diner en Blanc in August. 

Well that was a hell of a hiatus! I think I took the “Idle” bit a little too seriously. I never intended to kill off my dear little blog, but that’s what neglect will do. (Rest assured I do not have any children or houseplants in dire need of my less than tender loving care). Truth be told, I simply ran out of inspiration. I couldn’t figure out how to be an aspirational blogger without the conspicuous consumption side of it all raping and pillaging my finances. Okay, the fact that I’m crap with money is not the blogosphere’s fault, but there’s just… so… much… temptation! And then came Twitter which I had no interest in whatsoever yet seemed to be a requirement. And then Pinterest came along and sucked me in, rendering obsolete all those “inspiration” posts I’d use as filler. (Sorry, guys. You deserve better than half-assed filler posts). It just started to feel like anything I had to say had been said before, and better… with much prettier pictures. I just stopped having fun. But in the end I missed it. I missed interacting with you all, and checking in on your amazing blogs. Unfortunately my self-imposed break extended to my enjoyment of most other blogs as well since they were just a reminder of the failure mine had become. Good lord, melodramatic much? Enough of my whiny crap. I missed you, and so I’m back… hopefully you’re still out there! 

So, what’d I miss?


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