Thursday, October 22, 2009


I wore glasses everyday from the age of 4 to 13 (which I had the misfortune of pairing with a bad perm and some questionable -and dorky- 80s fashion). Needless to say, back then I wouldn't exactly have classified my goggles as a fashion accessory. Now I love glasses (I still wear them to read... thankfully, I updated my frames). Unlike other accessories, though, they don't get switched up very often, you scour the store for the perfect pair and keep them for at least a couple years. Montreal-based company Swap Eyewear wants to change that. By offering a wide variety of colorful, customizable inserts for their eyeglass frames, Swap allows you to coordinate (or clash, if that's how you roll) your frames with virtually any outfit. Though the product is available at select optomotrists, Swap would rather come to you. In the tradition of Tupperware parties (or candles, jewelery, sex toys, um, I mean erotic enhancement devices), customers can host Swap events at home for friends and family and benefit from freebies and rebates. And who doesn't love a freebie? Visit Swap Eyewear for more details and a list of retailers worldwide. (And I don't work for Swap, but I do believe in supporting local businesses).

What do you think? Customizable eyeglass frames: hot or not?

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