Tuesday, October 13, 2009

It's Tricky

I was planning on posting these Tim Burton-inspired photos from Harper's Bazaar a little closer to Halloween but I'm feeling pretty Halloween-y at the moment, probably due to a combination of the dark sky, the chill in the air, the sound and smell of fallen leaves and the fact that I'm hopped up on sugar right now. Halloween is hands (decrepit claw-like skeletony hands) down my absolute favorite holiday and though I have no definitive plans I'm still thinking costumes. I've been pondering going as Max from Where The Wild Things Are, or Alice in Chains (which is basically Alice in Wonderland draped in chains), or maybe a mummy, but then The Glamourai had to go and say those 5 (ok, maybe 4 1/2) magic words: "post-op plastic surgery addict." Brilliant.

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  1. The Tim Burton-esque editorial is so creepy yet so freakin cool!



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