Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Style Stalker: Emmanuelle Alt

Most people probably discover the French Voguettes (most notably Editor-in-Chief Carine Roitfeld and Fashion Director Emmanuelle Alt) through their incredible work at Paris Vogue. In this, as in most other things, I'm a little backwards. I was actually drawn to Paris Vogue after repeated exposure to the enviable and influential personal style of the aforementioned French Voguettes. I also fell in love with their penchant for re-wearing many of their favorite pieces. It's a very real way to dress, and a refreshing change of pace in the fashion world. Emmanuelle Alt has an incredibly distinctive style that merges rocker cool with a luxe androgyny. The formula seems simple enough: un-fussy hair, minimal make-up, extraordinary jackets, skinny pants and killer footwear, however there's a little extra something that allows Emmanuelle pull it off like no other. Could it finally be the real definition of that je ne sais quoi we keep hearing about? Peu importe. Simplement dit, j'adore Emmanuelle!
images via The Fashion Spot

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