Wednesday, October 28, 2009

We're All Mad Here...

I absolutely adore Alice in Wonderland, from Lewis Carroll's original twisted tale to the toned-down Disney version to every warped adaptation I've come across. Since I was little my favorite stories (Alice, Labyrinth, The Wizard of Oz) were always about a young girl escaping to a crazy world where nothing is as it seems. I'd love to dress up as Alice for Halloween but a friend of mine did a fantastic version a few years back involving quasi-decapitation by way of a Queen of Hearts playing card. Hard to top, to say the least. Whether or not being Alice is in the cards (ugh, sorry) for me this year, today's Halloween-y editorial takes us on a journey down the rabbit-hole, shot by Annie Leibovitz, once again from American Vogue (December 2003), and once again starring the enchanting Natalia Vodianova.


  1. Awesome! I'm so happy that this was my first blog read of the day!

  2. I love this editorial. Gorgeousness! I am really excited to see that new Alice in Wonderland movie coming out next year...

  3. ahh, i remember holding in my hands the actual magazine which contains this editorial! 2003. has it really been that long??


  4. Shot with all the DESIGNERS!!!BRILLIANT!!!Who's hiding in the tree???JPG of course...


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