Sunday, February 14, 2010

Island in the Sun

Happy Valentine's Day!!

So sorry for the absence, I've been obsessed with searching for vacation packages for a impromptu getaway with an equally fed-up, sun-starved friend. Our boys can't make it, unfortunately, but we just needed to get away and relax. And since my brain is so completely in beach mode I just can't bring myself to become immersed in NYFW, I'll just have to round up my favorite looks when we get back. We're booking tomorrow. I've never taken a trip during high season before so the prices were a little higher than I expected but I have no doubt it'll be worth every penny. I can't wait!!

image via fashion gone rogue

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  1. ooh! I do hope u share when you pick! I'm searching for a getaway w/the sis as well!


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