Thursday, February 11, 2010

RIP Alexander McQueen

As many others have posted today, I was truly shocked to hear that Alexander McQueen had committed suicide. His talent and imagination were extraordinary and inspirational. What really struck me was hearing that McQueen's mother had passed away last week. When my I lost my father a few years ago something broke inside of me, and my greatest fear is the inevitability of losing my mother, who is truly the best human being I will ever know. This is much more personal than I usually get on my blog, which I treat as my happy bubble of beautiful things, but the world feels a little bit less beautiful today.


  1. wow, I am truly touched by your post. I am sorry to hear that you lost your father.

  2. This is a beautiful post for such a tragic subject.

    McQueen's death is definitely a huge loss not only for the fashion world, but for everyone. He was a genius, and now he is a legend.

    I am also very sorry about your father. That breaks my heart.

  3. sad news... a genius is gone... have a nice weekend!


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