Friday, August 13, 2010

No ifs ands or ruts

I am in a total fashion rut. Well, truth be told I am in a total everything rut, but since I'm still sorting all that out let's just focus on the fashion, shall we? Despite the fact that I haven't been in school for years I'm still hardwired to see Fall as the start of a new year, much more so than the actual New Years, during which I'm too frozen to do much of anything. I just hide under the duvet until spring thaw. So, with this time for transformation and the possibility for reinvention (or even just a good tweak here and there) imminent, how do I get out of this style rut? The blazer-skinny jeans-ballet flats no-brainer standby has become a daily uniform, and I'm sure I'm not the only one. Surely a signature style should be a little bit more interesting? I see a lot of looks every day that are inspirational, on personal style blogs, streetstyle photos, in magazines, and I think I have interesting taste. So why do I feel like I'm always wearing the same old thing?

How do you dig yourselves out of a fashion rut?

image via i love wildfox


  1. I see Fall as the start of a new year! :)
    But I'm eighteen, so we'll pretend it's okay.

    And for my fashion ruts (which I get it oh-so-often), I look at blogs. What an original answer, right? Ha. But Keiko Lynn ( is one of my favorites to go to.


  2. I always get in fashion ruts that is why I go to the blogs for new ideas


  3. You are too cute! So how I get out of a rut: go shopping! Lol even if it's something cheap, grab something trendy fun and new and rock it!

    Lovely blog:-)

  4. i agree- shopping and inspiration/editorial searching are the way to go when in a rut! love the blog! xx

  5. rut or not this is a great shot! :)

    check out my giveaway!


  6. Beautiful pic:)

  7. Once the weather gets'll remember how you want to fall into Autumn.

  8. lovely blog.xx

  9. i took a massive plunge and sold everything i owned on ebay then bought a new wardrobe with the cash !


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