Monday, August 16, 2010

Take Me Home

My boyfriend and I spent a good part of the weekend hanging art and pondering the finishing touches on our apartment. It's slowly coming together, I'm really looking forward to sharing it once I deem it shareable. So because I'm so completely in home decor mode I thought I'd share some a mini round-up of steal-worthy ideas I stumbled upon recently:
I love these little side tables made from vintage brass table lamps.

This powder-room horseshoe collection is an amazing accent, I'd love to do something similar.

This gargantuan wall clock made of little brightly hued alarm clocks is a perfectly over-the-top DIY.


  1. ahh i love decorating. The table pieces are wonderful. What is your color scheme through out your home?

  2. We have a very neutral backdrop, bedroom and living room are a taupey greige, the furniture is grey and black with some dark and light wood. The pops of colour come from the artwork and accessories. Actually, my home looks kind of like my blog. The hallway and kitchen are white with black accents. I will post pictures ...eventually! :-)

  3. I love your creativity! And I especially love the DIY clock. :)

    How much did it cost for you to construct it, though? I know that the little alarm clocks can be a tad pricey (at least the ones at Target, anyhow!).

    Keep up the wonderful work!

  4. I love the powder room :D

    Adèle –

  5. @ Amber Rose:
    I wish I was such a badass DIY-er but this is all stolen inspiration! The links are below each photo. :-)

  6. i love the horse shoe bathroom accents! im sure you can recreate something similar :)


  7. Lovely blog!Great photos;)))
    come follow

  8. Love the pics....just found your follower:)

  9. Wow those really are great ideas! How cool is that with the mini alarm clocks?


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